Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Traveling Life

This morning I was greeted with a pleasant surprise - two faeries I'd never seen before were relaxing by the pond, seemingly pretty tired. I introduced myself and learned that Nadya and Luca had traveled all night and settled here just before dawn. Luca looks very exhausted here - he was trying very hard not to be rude and fall asleep while Nadya and I had most of the conversation.

Here is their unique home! It is a hollowed out log that they've made into a very comfortable house. According to Nadya (and approved by Luca's nod), they are travelers, never staying in one place too long but always bringing with them their house.

Their supplies are stored on the back of their home securely which makes it easy to access and cook outdoors. Nadya is hoping to makes some friends here and have them over for a meal to share the stories of their travels.


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