Thursday, June 8, 2017

Gifts for the Garden

Recently I decided to create a new collection with some older things (I only spent money on the moss for this one). I went ahead and took a variety of clippings from my succulents to dress up a few pots I already had, including this one with a cherub on it. The statue of the cherub helps to carry the theme to a different style pot.

Continuing the angel theme, I brought out these two figures that were gifted to me by one of My Fairy Folks. The lighter ground cover surrounding the angels helps to accentuate them, almost acting as a spotlight.

These musical angels are accompanied by a few varieties of succulents that vary in color.

This is an angel after my own heart, holding a bundle of sunflowers in a sunflower dress, with a few in her hair and at her feet! What a great gift for Grandma; thank you, follower!


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