Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Explosive Celebration

Reginald was spotted leaving his house with an armful of fireworks. It looks like the July 4th celebration is kicking off early this year!

He shows off some decorations he helped put up around the community. 

Some fairies gather and chat it up, waiting for the BBQ to begin. From left to right is Simone, Ivy, Julip and Bridget.

Tink has been invited to spend time with some new faces. To the left is Dreagan who is a magician. Seated on the ground is Caspian who is telling a story to an enamored Tink. Behind them is Twyla and she is the sister of both Caspian and Dreagan.

Dreagan holds a magical wand and boasts that he is the most fashionable of his siblings (although it may just be to annoy Twyla who has always taken pride in being a fashionista).

Tink seems mesmerized by Caspian's chin dimple as he rambles on and on, but she doesn't mind. Also, fireworks are very difficult to photograph but here's a video!


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