Friday, June 3, 2016

Memorial Day - Honoring My Father

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to put together a memorial garden for my father who was a medic is WWII. If he hadn't returned home from the war, I wouldn't be here today so honoring his service to our country, along with many others, is something I remember each Memorial Day.

I went to Home Depot in search of flowers that represented the holiday in red, white and blue and came out with a few different colored petunias. On my way back to my car, a little fellow caught my eye. I typically flick off pests at the sight of them, but something about this guy made me hold back. I decided to bring him home with me and name him Charlie.

Here is Charlie, enjoying a walk to my car.

Charlie takes a nap while I work on my Memorial garden.

This garden has pops of three patriotic colors, some patriotic decorations from Hobby Lobby as well as an army jeep from the Dollar Tree. In the background is a framed photo of my mother and my father in his uniform.

If you look closely, Charlie is on top of the plant in the middle, saluting an American hero.


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