Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Such Growth - Budget Garden Update

It's surprising how quickly some plants grow and the change in appearance it makes in a container garden. Here is one of the gardens I made last month; the last in our series of budget container gardens where I used only items from the 99 cent store. The photo on the right is from the class. These chive plants have had less than a month to grow, and grow they did, as you can see in the photo below.

I only watered this container once a week and the blue sand has become prominent, the "beach" becoming engulfed in high tide. The detail in the blue sand in this picture is actually from the watering process, creating a tide pool visual effect, while in the original picture I'd just used my finger to create swirls in the sand. If you have a container garden and would prefer a little less change (in regards to the sand shifting), I would suggest direct watering (here I've used a hose to water when I could have used a watering can or even a large eye dropper) or small decorative rocks or buffed seashell pieces (can be found at a hobby store) instead of sand.


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